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USA Voice & Data Donates to The American Red Cross

USA Voice & Data recently donated $100.00 to The American Red Cross to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. The humanitarian efforts of the Red Cross provide comfort and hope to so many during their times of need. Their mission depends on the support and compassion of donors land we're very proud to help [...]

USA Voice & Data Donates to Wounded Warrior Project

USA Voice & Data's first summer 2017 event for our partners took place at Top Golf Naperville on June 1st for an informative and fun afternoon. Also in conjunction with this event, and with Memorial Day just a few days prior, USA Voice & Data took this opportunity to show support for our veterans [...]

Latest #100for100 Success!

We're pleased to announce - thanks to your help - we hit June's #100for100 for Sertoma Centre, Inc. - providing services to nearly 1,700 individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities and those living with mental illness. Thanks to all YOUR likes and shares, we were happy to donate $100.00 to this fantastic organization. [...]

#100for100 Donation: Wings

We're delighted to announce - thanks to YOUR help - we have hit our most recent #100for100 for WINGS; a non-profit that provides housing, integrated services, education and advocacy to end domestic violence. A huge thank you to all who liked/shared our posts, we'll soon be donating $100.00 to this wonderful cause. [...]

#100for100 Donation: Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue

We are delighted to announce that we hit February's #100for100 for Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue - a non-profit team that helps strays in need and is dedicated to saving abused animals especially dogs. Thanks to YOUR help, we are able to donate $100.00 to this wonderful organization. We'd like to thank everyone who helped [...]

#100for100: Off the Street Club

Today we’re delighted to announce we smashed another of our recent #100for100 targets. This time for the incredible Off the Street Club – serving more than 3,000 kids in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country, West Garfield Park; giving children a safe place to learn, laugh and play without worry. Read more about [...]

Successful #100for100 Donation

Today we're delighted to announce we smashed our recent #100for100 target for the incredible Judd Goldman Adaptive Sailing Foundation - offering classroom and on-water instruction for the physically disabled. Learn more about this amazing foundation on their website Thanks to YOUR likes and shares, we are donating $100.00 to this fantastic organization. Thank you to [...]

Wounded Warrior Project Donation

We would like to thank Mark Andrews at Sansnom LLC for your client referral. We’re pleased to announce that a $100 donation has now been made to your favorite charity, Wounded Warrior Project to help injured warriors continue the long healing process and provide assistance to their caregivers and families.

Another #100for100 Donation!

USA Voice & Data would like to thank our followers for the success of our most recent $100for100 Facebook program. We have made an honor gift to The Tribute Program of Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago in honor of Emma Hackett Vanderpoel thanks to YOUR help! Please keep a keen eye [...]

2010 – Habitat for Humanity

In 2011 we participated in Habitat for Humanity's humanitarian efforts building homes in Rabinal, Guatemala. OUR CONSERVATION EFFORTS USA Voice & Data is a green organization. We recycle and reduce our impact on the environment by leveraging audio and web-conferencing to eliminate unnecessary travel and carbon emissions.