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SD-WAN Explained

Everyone is talking about it, so why the big hype around SD-WAN? Whether you’re somewhat familiar with the technology, or a complete novice, USA Voice & Data are here to get you up to speed with the new hot topic in the business network technology world. What is SD-WAN? SD-WAN stands for Software Defined [...]

What is Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)?

Click Here to Contact Us[/fusion_button]DR and Business Continuity is no longer just about recovering your data, nowadays it is also about providing ongoing access to that data and the ability to continue to communicate effectively with your clients and vendors when an outage or catastrophe occurs. Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is the replication [...]

Putting The Squeeze On Your Customer Service

2017 Was The Year Of Telco Provider Mergers and Acquisitions Recent large-scale Telco Provider mergers and acquisitions are so numerous and dramatic that 2017 could well be called “The Year of the Greatest Telecom Mergers and Acquisitions in History." This activity represents a level of transformation not seen since the 1980s. In fact, if [...]

4 Reasons Not To Wait For Google Fiber

We hear lots of good things about Google Fiber from the few cities where it has been rolled out. The issue seems to be however that there are so few cities. Additionally Google’s roll out plan for further cities has been less aggressive and well communicated than competing plans from the traditional telecom carriers, [...]

The Top 4 Reasons why not All Hosted (or Cloud) VoIP System Providers are Created Equal

Less and less businesses are buying phone systems these days, and instead are choosing Hosted or Cloud based VoIP phone systems that provide more modern system capabilities and change what was a major capital expense into a minor recurring operational expense.  Not all Hosted VoIP System provider solutions are equal however, and furthermore, with [...]

5 Key Factors for Comparing VoIP Providers

With the broad adoption of Hosted or Cloud-based VoIP in full swing our clients frequently ask us how we determine which Hosted VoIP provider to recommend. A great question, right? What are the Top 5 Key Factors for Comparing VoIP Providers? Well obviously all the regular individual client business priorities need to be considered, [...]

3 Reasons You Should Upgrade to Fiber

We all know that “Fiber is good for you”. Well now, thanks to the huge efforts and massive capital being invested by all the major telecom and cable companies (to replace their tired and expensive to maintain network assets), this isn’t just a reflection on your dietary intake! Fiber availability has absolutely exploded within the [...]

Considerations For Moving To The Cloud

More and more businesses are “Moving To The Cloud” but why? What’s so great about the Cloud and why is this migration taking place? This article details some of the advantages of a Cloud Infrastructure and explores considerations you should be taking into account before replacing any premise equipment and infrastructure. Why Should You Move [...]

Top 5 Reasons to Switch to eFAX

eFAX services have been around for 10+ years but we still meet business clients who are reluctant, to do away with that old fashioned physical FAX machine that they can run by, drop a pile of papers into, dial a number and hit “SEND”. Given the numerous paper jams, toner shortages and other cryptic error [...]

Telecom Myths: Part Two – Service Types and Providers

Cable and DSL speeds are consistently higher than T1 speeds. False. Let me guess, you heard this from your local exchange provider, telecom or cable company representative trying to sell you some CHEAP connectivity! While Cable and DSL offer much higher maximum bandwidths than you will get from a T1, the bandwidths quoted are best effort [...]