Redundant High Speed Internet Connectivity is now a must.

  • If you are still using a T1 for your primary internet connectivity then you are operating at what now amounts to “Dial Up” internet speed and paying over the odds for the privilege.

  • With more businesses leveraging Cloud-based services for everything from their email to their file storage and file sharing having a secondary internet connection is now becoming crucial.

  • USA Voice & Data is an independent telecom broker and we have tools which instantly identify the availability and pricing of the different internet connectivity options for our business clients.

  • When looking for a super reliable fiber connection, a less reliable but cheap cable or asymmetric ethernet connection, or perhaps something in between, we guarantee you the very best pricing.

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Satisfied customers

“Thanks USA Voice & Data for your help during our office move. Your telecom service recommendations were perfect for our budget and we’ve been very pleased with the services and port we’re receiving from our new telecom provider. I appreciate you staying on top of the installation process and the helping with the details until our move was complete. I’d definitely recommend your services to any business facing an upcoming relocation.”
Matt Matros,, The protein Bar.
“USA V & D went above and beyond to make our office move easy and painless. Their recommendations and assistance were invaluable and we highly recommend their services to anyone facing the prospect of an upcoming move”.
Carla Vaughn,, Operations Manager, RCBG.

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USA Voice & Data doesn’t sell hardware or services. We join your team as your very own dedicated telecom solutions and purchasing expert.



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