Storm Survivability

Is your business prepared for natural disasters?

Everyone is aware that global warming has meant that both the frequency and ferocity of natural disasters (hurricane, tornado, earthquake, fire or flood) are on the rise, but few business are prepared to deal with the repercussions.

Did you know that 60% of small and medium sized businesses that fall victim to a natural disaster are out of business within 6 months of that event taking place? These companies have not prepared adequately, and so when they lose power, their data, their processing capability, their internet connectivity or their ability to answer calls from their clients and vendors for any reasonable period of time, they are unable to go on operating and quickly go out of business.

Don’t be the next one of these companies we read about who has gone out of business. USA Voice and Data can help you develop an Emergency and Business Continuity Plan and make sure your business infrastructure has built-in survivability so you never have to fear downtime or natural disasters again.

We help our clients get the right solutions in place in advance so they are able to quickly recover their data and fail over their operational infrastructure. This allows them to continue to do “Business As Usual” even after the very worst weather conditions or emergency.

Don’t wait till it is too late to get your plan in place, as your hesitation could cost you your entire business.

Quickly Get Peace Of Mind When You Switch To One Of The Industry’s Most Storm-Resistant Solutions.

  • Providing you emergency back-ups of your data (BaaS)
  • Providing you Disaster Recovery for all your Operational Capabilities (DRaaS and IaaS)
  • Providing you redundant (SD-WAN optimized) internet connectivity a fully redundant unified communications solution (UCaaS) for your phone and communications needs
  • No Out-Of Pocket Expenses
  • All Hardware, Standard Installation, & Equipment Replacement Coverage (Including Acts Of God)

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For assistance in developing an Emergency and Business Continuity Plan, and our team will be in contact to confirm your requirements. We will help you layout what solutions will best enable you to meet your survivability and recovery goals, including your Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives (RPO and RTO).

Satisfied customers

“Thanks USA Voice & Data for your help during our office move. Your telecom service recommendations were perfect for our budget and we’ve been very pleased with the services and port we’re receiving from our new telecom provider. I appreciate you staying on top of the installation process and the helping with the details until our move was complete. I’d definitely recommend your services to any business facing an upcoming relocation.”
Matt Matros,, The protein Bar.
“USA V & D went above and beyond to make our office move easy and painless. Their recommendations and assistance were invaluable and we highly recommend their services to anyone facing the prospect of an upcoming move”.
Carla Vaughn,, Operations Manager, RCBG.