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Please register below to join us for one, two or all three of our lunchtime brownbag webinar tech demos on Internet Services.

As always, when you join us for a webinar you are rewarded for your commitment to learning and growing with a complimentary gift card. Attending this quarter’s demos will allow you to tend to your lunch pangs for healthy protein, burritos or gourmet burgers with $25 gift cards from Protein Bar, Chipotle and Epic Burger.

Identifying Lit Buildings and Connectivity Options
USA Voice & Data
Wednesday, Apr 24th from 12pm – 1pm
All attendees will receive a $25 Protein Bar Gift Card

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Nationwide Satellite Internet Services
Wednesday, May 29th from 12pm-1pm
All attendees will receive a $25 Chipotle Gift Card

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Gigabit Wireless Services
Silver IP
Wednesday, June 26th from 12pm-1pm
All attendees will receive a $25 Epic Burger Gift Card

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Here’s some Global Internet Factoids to consider

  • Factoid #1 – There are currently over 15 Billion devices connected to the internet
  • Factoid #2 – There are now over 1.25 Billion websites across the world
  • Factoid #3 – If your internet is out for more than a day your business is in BIG BIG trouble

Internet access is now a must have for every business at even their most remote locations, so while most metro locations can count on multiple internet service options there are certain areas and buildings that are problematic when it comes to high speed internet.

We can help you immediately and effortlessly identify the best internet connectivity options for your clients.

USA Voice and Data have partnered with all the leading local, nationwide and global internet service and network service providers, so you can win your clients’ internet service and broader network connectivity business no matter where and how remotely they are located.