Most businesses recognize the risk of having non-expert internal staff make uneducated and potentially business-impacting telecom or cloud solution decisions.

They also recognize the risk of not having an expert oversee the implementation of those same telecom and cloud solutions. These very risks are exactly why so many businesses get stuck with the same provider and the same overpriced and underperforming provider services they have had for years. They simply do not have the skilled resources on staff to identify or manage a change without a risk to their daily business.

At USA Voice & Data we manage and oversee the implementations of new telecom and cloud solutions every day. We have proven processes and detailed checklists to ensure items are not overlooked during the initial project requirements definition and this helps us ensure implementations run smoothly and without any nasty surprises.

Why USA Voice & Data?

Each of our advisors is a true technology solution expert. Technology is all we do. We understand the pros and cons of all the latest technology solutions.

As your technology solution expert and personal technology shopper we don’t sell anything. Instead we educate you on your options and negotiate the best pricing for your selected solution.

We have a thorough proven process for confirming each client’s differing requirements and business priorities. Our advisors leverage detailed checklists to ensure nothing is overlooked.

We typically save our clients between 20 and 40% on their technology services. We also quarterback the entire implementation of the selected service solutions for our clients.

Need Risk/Change Manag